Sunday, September 10, 2006


Quechua and Aymara on line

Originalmente en español en La Peña Lingüística.

As about anything else, Internet is full of information regarding Quechua and Aymara. If we search for Quechua or Aymara in Google, we found thousands of pages; most of them, as always, in English. As is common with all topics, the information is often redundant, unorganized, incomplete, and rarely reliable. There are, however, excellent sites too. Today I want to recommend three of them.

The first one is Aymara Uta (in Spanish), a wonderful page dedicated to discuss and promote awareness about the language, the culture and the political organization of aymaran people. There we can find news and debates regarding a myriad of topics related to Aymara and its speakers, as well as on line resources, linguistic guides, links, bibliography, and more. It has been on line for twelve years, which means that it is a pioneer in its class on the internet.

The next one is RunasimiNet, an on-line Quechua course, which, in addition to present a grammatical overview of the language, provide analysis of its demography, its historical development, and its dialects. It is maintained by a group of linguists from the Pontificia Universidad Católica, who also publish a blog with discussions about the different aspects of Quechua in Peru (in Spanish).

Last but not least, Quechua Language and Linguistics, a site in English and Spanish, where it is possible to find clear and clever explanations for the most frequent questions about Quechua (and there is something about Aymara too). The webmasters have the purpose of demolishing the more common myths regarding Andean languages; they also have a great deal of information about scholarships, books, and others. Recently, they have added files with Quechua sounds, to better taste the flavor of the language.

Obviously, these are not the only valuable pages about these issues, but they are three ones that it is worth to visit frequently.

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